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About Us is a brand new concept allowing artists the opportunity to upload their songs online with a few simple steps and have immediate access to a large fan following.


With a database of thousands of songs, we allow users to listen and download songs from their favourite artists with ease. We at Taazi guarantee countless hours of entertainment just a click away.


Artists can register at Taazi with ease, free of cost while regular payments are sent to the artists based on the number of times each song is downloaded. It’s the perfect place for upcoming artists to show off their work and become an instant success but also a place for established artists to sell their albums and songs without any hassle.


All songs on the Taazi database are uploaded legally and with the artists’ consent.            



Why Use Taazi?


As a User:


    • Simple access to a large database of songs.
    • Listen to your favourite songs free of cost or download at a minimal price.
    • A place to connect with music lovers around the world and share your views with them.
    • Check out reviews for all the latest songs.
    • Find out all the latest news on the music industry.


Simply sign in with your Facebook account using the Connect to Facebook button and access all the songs in our database.


 As an Artist:


    • A great way to connect with fans and also reach more audience with your music.
    • No upfront charges. Absolutely free registration
    • Earn royalties each time an artist’s song on downloaded from the taazi website, without incurring any expenses.
    • Retain 100% ownership of all songs and be able to add or remove music anytime at the Taazi website.
    • Sell your music through us directly on iTunes.
    • Distribute ringtones online.
    • A great social media marketing tool to help artists’ songs go viral. Each time a user plays or downloads a_ song on taazi, a status update is immediately made to the user’s facebook profile encouraging others to also check out the artist or the song.
    • Taazi is open to all artists. Any upcoming artist can also upload their songs on our website and instantly have access to our fan base and also earn money through their music.
    • Honest and fair reviews from ardent music lovers and critics alike.


To start earning money and sharing your music through Taazi, register with Taazi using your email address or connect directly through Facebook using the Connect to Facebook button